Decaf Coffee

Absolved Fair Trade Organic Decaf Blend

This coffee is so smooth you wouldn’t know it is decaffeinated! Absolved is a blend of some of the best coffee growing regions of the world, Latin America, Indonesia, Africa, all Fair Trade and certified organic. The coffees were processed using the Swiss Water Process, no chemicals needed. The goal of this blend is to allow Absolved to be used as a satisfying drip coffee, while also having enough complexity to shine as an espresso as well.

Tasting/ Aroma Notes:

An intriguing balance of sweetness and acidity in the mid-notes, a bit of fruity florals at the top end, and full bodied lower notes.
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Haley H.
United States United States
Absolved Decaf

Got my order in today, made a cup, and it is so good! Thank you!!

John P.
United States United States
Guilt-Free Guilty Pleasures

Absolved was our first order from Coffee by Gillespie. We have since added Ethiopia Organic Limu SWP DP Decaf to our subscription (look for our review of it there). First off, Pastor Gillespie's tasting notes are spot on, but they are also subtle shades of flavor throughout the coffee. I do not generally lean toward floral or fruit notes in my coffee, but the Absolved blend and Roast won me over. Instead, these are present but very subtle shades of flavor which might well be adjust with slight shifts in the roasting, nothing like an artificially flavored coffee. In fact, I would describe the fruit more along the lines of the fruit in a fine Pinot Noir rather than, say, a jelly or jam. This brew came lightly roasted without surface oil which is excellent for us as our burr grinder is part of our coffee maker and oily beans require more "love" for the machine to work at its best. The beans and roast combination may stand up to cream if that is your taste, but I am getting more out of the coffee's flavors by drinking it without any additions. All of the coffees are well packaged for shipping and, of course, come in resealable bags for freshness throughout their use. Highly Recommended!

Mark P.
United States

Loved the smooth taste, came ready ground for my French press. Excellent work

United States
Great Decaf!

Thanks for roasting a great decaf for those of us who love coffee but can't handle the caffeine. This satisfies my coffee craving!

Randy W.

I only got this because my wife was nagging me about my blood pressure and suggested I drink less caffeine, so I was prepared to not like it. However, it is every bit as good as the rest of Gillespie’s coffees, very smooth, and a tasty addition to my afternoon habit. I am no longer ashamed. I am absolved.