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Colombia Timana Finca La Colina

The dry fragrance has a familiar smell of honey and and panela sweetness (panela is the cakes of local, raw Colombia sugar), along with a bit of hazelnut chocolate spread. The wet aromatics are also intensely sweet, with butterscotch toffee, and cinnamon and clove spiced accents. The cup has a nice flavor of raw honey at City roast, followed by a note of cinnamon-dusted apple. There is a malic brightness too, adding structure to notes of peach and apricot, complex sugars, and vanilla. In the long finish a very attractive marzipan-like flavor is evident, amaretto essence, that crowns this coffee with unique grace. It's very sweet coffee, one that is superb for drinking in the light to middle roast ranges.

Honey and natural sugar aroma give way to a clean, fruited cup - apple, peach and apricot hints. Marzipan-like flavor, and cinnamon hints in the long finish. Most complex in the light to mid roast levels.

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