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Ethiopia Organic Limu SWP DP Decaf

Cooked fruit aroma, rustic sweeteners, wheat puff cereal, winey strawberry, prune juice, and bold chocolate roast tones.

Region: Limu Kossa
Variety: Heirloom Types
Processing: Dry Process (Natural), then SWP Decaf

Here's another custom decaf by Swiss Water Processing, and a coffee we currently have as non-decaf as well. This is a rare opportunity to try the coffee both ways, or blend together if you're just trying to cut down on caffeine! Limu Kossa farm is both a geographic area of the Oromia district, as well as the name of a privately run farm in the region. It's a sizable estate that is broken into 15 hectare sections with marked varieties of coffee planted within. This lot is from a part of the farm run by a gentleman named Gidhey, who's has a long coffee history in this area (that's him at right in the 2nd photo). His first farm was lost to re-zoning of the area to forest, not a bad thing, but forced Gidhey to continue his farming somewhere else. That "somewhere else" is a 350 hectare piece of land, the coffee planted beneath the shade of primary forest canopy high above. The organization that Gidhey has employed at the farm level and in his processing, and natural beauty of Limu Kossa farm are breathtaking to say the least. They are producing both washed and natural coffee, this being a fully dry process lot (we carried a wet processed lot last year, but settled on this sole DP this time around). The farm sits just above 1900 meters above sea level and stretches upward to 2100 meters at the highest part which they refer to as "Sinsina". This is a fully organic certified coffee, and while it is also Rain Forest Alliance certified, we did not bring it in as such.

The description provided by Sweet Maria's.

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