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Ethiopia Western Cooperatives SWP Decaf

Caramel and dehydrated berry, malted sweet bread, dried stone fruit, and subtle tartness. 

Region: Western Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom Cultivars
Processing: Wet Process then SWP Decaf

Ethiopias have been shining star decafs for us, which only part of it has to do with the coffee itself. Don't get me wrong, the raw ingredients going into your decaf play a huge part in the resulting cup, since you know..."garbage in=garbage out". But if you have a beautiful cup and you subject it to harsh chemical decaf processes, then you stand to lose the volatile compounds that made it a delicious coffee to begin with. We navigate both parts of this equations by first choosing coffees we enjoy as non-decaf, and then send them off to be processed at the Swiss Water Decaf plant in Vancouver, Canada, where they employ a patented water processing method that uses no harsh chemicals to remove effectively 99.9% of the caffeine. The process is gentle, and leaves much of the flavor and aroma intact. And in the case of Ethiopian coffee such as this one, send off a coffee with inherent citrus and floral aspects, and receive a decaf with those same highlights in return. This particular lot is made up of equal parts wet and dry process Ethiopias, the latter of the two lending body and fruited flavors to the cup profile making it stand out when put side by side with our other decaf options.

Description from Sweet Maria's.

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