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Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Valle de Cantinil

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Valle de Cantinil

The fragrance of this microlot has plum fruit and pectin-sweet jam smells. There's a buttery-sweetness too, like toffee-covered dry fruit. The smells leading up to the cup are fantastic, the sweetness reaching pinnacle proportion with the addition of hot water. It's like baked apple or peach, with brown sugar and butter crumble, a kind-of candied sugar and fruit pectin sweetness. This all leads up to a beautiful Guatemalan cup, balanced flavors of sweet and bitter, fruited expressions that are well integrated into the overall cup.

This is a single-farm coffee, earning top placement amongst other offers from the region. Valle de Cantinil is part of San Pedro Necta, a sub-region of Huehuetenango perched on the spiny mountain highlands. The coffee is grown around 1800 meters, and is planted in mostly bourbon and caturra, but like many farms in this region, you see some older typica varieties mixed in.

Fruit crisp, orange juice, raw cane sugar, caramel, grape, nibs.
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