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Kenya Gatundu Karinga AA

Karinga wet mill is located near Gatundu town, in the province of Thika. It's what Kenyans refer to as a 'factory' - where coffee cherry is wet processed and dried before being transported to the dry mills for finishing touches. Karinga is part of Gitwe Farmer's Cooperative Society who serves four villages in the area and has built a membership of over 900 producers since beginning in 1983. Karinga is located near the Rwabura river where water is pumped from and held in reservoir tanks for processing coffee cherry. They have a waste water management system of several soaking pits on the factory premises. SL-28 and SL-34 make up about 99% of the coffee grown, with just about 1% Ruiri-11. This is the AA outturn, meaning, all of the beans are 17 to 19 micron screen size. People often think the large screen size is synonymous with higher quality cup, and while not always the case, this AA gave it's AB and PB counterparts a run for their money!

Right off the bat, this Kenya boasts an intense profile in the ground coffee - dried cherries, plum, candied citrus, and whole clove. There's a fragrance of honey and citrus in CIty roasts, plum jam and clove spice too. The wet aroma is beautiful, loaded with Meyer lemon and tangerine, offset by black currant and a fresh apricot/stone fruit note on the break (not to mention a hefty backing of caramel sugars). This coffee brews nicely, City roasts offering a big brown sugar sweetness, citrus flavors of lemon-aid and candied orange peel, plum, and grape soda. This is a bright coffee, but not as bracing as many of the other Kenyas we've sold this year, citric and with a bittering tea-tannin quality in mouthfeel (this is definitely tied to roast level, and City roasts are most bracing). This would be a nice choice for those who think Kenyas to be overly acidic, and I think you'll find the acidity to be much more a part of the profile as a whole, instead of standing way out above it. At Full City sweetness and body are bolstered, as well as some gentle roast tones but not taking away from dark-fruited sweetness ala concord grape and prune. There's a pleasant mingling of citrus rind and dark chocolate at this roast level, flavors that hang on in the finish. These darker roasts tone down the intensity found in City roasts, and make be a good candidate for SO espresso (single origin). That's right, if you crave intense berry and chocolate sweetness and lemon juice brightness in your espresso, this one's for you.

Karinga AA is loaded with dark fruit flavors - concord grape, plum, black currant, boasting well-integrated citrus-to-tannic acidity, and a deep brown sugar sweetness. All the exotic Kenya flavor without extremely citric brightness.

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