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Kenya Kichwa Tembo

Kenya Kichwa Tembo

Sugary sweet with tangy acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lots of lemon and grapefruit flavors with red grape, graham cracker, and a nutty aftertaste.

Region: Various
Farm: Various
Variety: Various
Altitude: Various
Processing: Washed

"Kichwa Tembo" means "elephant head" in Swahili, and, for Café Imports, the mark represents the strength in these cups. Our Kichwa Tembo coffees represent a classic, hardworking Kenyan profile: Sweet tropical fruit balanced by complex savory elements of herb and tomato, and a creamy body. We strive to offer high-quality Kichwa Tembo coffees in addition to our more traceable Kenyan micro lots and factory-specific lots (washing stations are often called "factories" in Kenya).

Description from Cafe Imports.

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