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Kenya Nyeri Karogoto Peaberry

Karogoto is part of Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) which combines the names for their 3 factories: Tegu, Karogoto and Ngunguru. I visited them this season and the previous as well, since we have bought many small lots over time from Tekangu. You probably recognize the Tegu name, and we have some great Ngunguru coffees this year as well. This is a Nyeri region coffee, where we find some of the nicest Kenya lots, and we cupped through a lot of Tekangu samples this year to select coffee like this. This peaberry lot is from one particularly nice out turn (an unseparated parchment lot that comes into the mill), and we felt the PB stood out from its AA and AB counterparts. It has a more potent flavor profile, intense, with classic Kenya acidity and sweet fruited notes. 28 bags in total, this year we brought in full 60kg grain-pro lined bags.

Layers of fruit, clover honey sweetness, Earl Grey tea, apricot nectar, and lemon bar.

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