Gear Recommendations

Grinders: A grinder that grinds beans to a uniform size for optimal extraction is the single most important piece of equipment for making good coffee. Even the best coffee beans run through the best brewing process will taste overly bitter and sour with uneven grounds.

Automatic makersA great cheap coffee maker should be easy to use and it should make decent coffee. It’s perfect for people who just want a decent pot of joe in the morning with minimal fuss. 

Pour-over makers: Try our recommended pour-over gear—including a dripper, grinder, kettle, and scale—you can get the best-tasting homemade coffee without having to wait in line at a high-end coffee shop.

KettleIf you love pour-over coffee, you'll want the precise aim of a gooseneck kettle.

Scale: For precision coffee brewing, as with pour-overs, a scale can help you get an accurate combination of beans and water every time.