Confessional Coffee Value Pack

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It's not what goes into a man that defiles him... but bad coffee doesn't help. Experience the amazing range of flavors and aromas from expertly roasted coffee. Taste and smell the distinction between countries, regions, and farms. Stop, smell, taste, and contemplate the innumerable blessings that is the gift of brew.

All coffees are whole bean and caffeinated. 

Decaf offerings are available here.

Give thanks for every day with the blessing of coffee. Makes a great treat after morning prayers, and evening prayers, and praying the hours (if you're piety demands it.)

Enjoy the finest of First Article gifts with two 12 oz. bags selected by the Roaster from our unique coffees. You'll agree with our many customers: "Here I stand, I can drink no other." Like all true Confessions, live in the joy of a quia subscription.

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