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Costa Rica Helsar Leo Rojas Rola

Costa Rica Helsar Leo Rojas Rola

Cupping Notes:

Clean, tea-like, with accents of green apple and raisin. City roasts have transparent sweetness, and tart lemon, while Full City shows baked fruit accenting Dutch drinking cocoa.

Region: Llano Bonito de Naranjo
Farm: Leo Rojas Rola
Variety: Caturra
Certifications: Farm Gate
Altitude: 1600+ masl
Processing: Wet Process Machine Washed

Farm Description:

This selection from farmer Leo Rojas Rola is from the Llano Bonito de Naranjo are of Costa Rica's West Valley regio. He delivers his coffee for processing in whole cherry to the Helsar de Zarcero's mill, which if you've perused our Costa Rica list in the past, I'm sure you're familiar with Helsar. I have visited this farm during harvest, and we have a long buying relationship with the Helsar mill, over 12 years now finding wonderful coffees from them. It is run by one of the nicest and most progressive persons in coffee, Ricardo Perez. They are consistently improving their processing, adding more raised beds for drying the parchment coffee, additional warehouse space, and new sorting equipment. I noticed this coffee when cupping in Costa Rica for its clean, classic character, and was surprised by the fruited qualities and acidity which made it stand out. While there are many variations on processing being performed in Costa Rica now, it is the washed style coffees that give the quintessential flavor experience, balanced, restrained, clean taste, sweet finish. The vast majority of Leo's farm is planted in Caturra cultivar, though I have seen small amounts of other types when walking the farm. It is situated at 1600 meters.

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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