El Salvador Dry Process Cerro Verde Bourbon

Bold blueberry and blackberry flavor notes make Cerro Verde a standout El Salvador, along with matched brown sugar sweetness, candied walnut and impressive acidity.

Region: Berlin, Usulutan
Farm: Cerro Verde
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1900+ masl
Processing: Dry Process

Finca Cerro Verde has to be one of the oldest coffee farms in the town of Berlin, stretching back more than a century. And this whole time it's been under the care of a single-family. Jorge Guirola's grandfather planted coffee on the 168 hectares of land and built a small milling facility to process his harvest. Jorge has followed in his grandfather's, and then father's footsteps, implementing some changes along the way. One major change was replacing much of the Bourbon stock with rust-resistant cultivars. But he left the old Bourbon trees in the higher part of the farm, a plot called "La Abundancia", and abundant it is. This part of the farm reaches 1350 meters above sea level. Being coastal facing affords cooler temperatures too, which allows the coffee to mature at a slower rate, producing a denser coffee bean. This 15 bag dry process lot is made up of the coffee of La Abundancia. It is a fully dry process coffee, meaning the coffee is dried in the whole cherry which tends to leave a fruited mark on the cup (certainly the case here).

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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