Ethiopia Gr. 1 Guji Uraga Tabe

Strong floral elements of star jasmine, lilac, a fruited floral note of Meyer lemon, and spiced gingerbread sweetness. Lemon-like brightness adds high-toned piquant character.

Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian varieties
Altitude: 1900–2200 masl
Processing: Wet Process

Tabe is the name of the Kebele (about the equivalent of a neighborhood) where this coffee comes from. Regionally, it's in the Guji Zone, but not far from Yirga Cheffe, and areas where we've bought lots of great coffee in the past such as Chele'lektu and Gedeb for example. This washing station is one of a few operated by Mr. Edema, who has more than two decades of experience managing coffee processing operations in Guji. The Tabe station has a good source of water to process coffee from the Mormora River, which also acts as a border between Uraga and Hambela. Mr. Edema works with 300+ small holders in the region, buying, processing, and exporting their coffee. Tabe sits at 1850 meters above sea level, and many of the farms are much higher than this. This is a fully washed coffee, and hand sorted to grade 1 standards, and the evenness in roasted coffee is a testament to this extra hand labor and care.

Description from Cafe Imports.

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Chris Z.

Truly special

A unique coffee with a deep earthy base profile characteristic of Ethiopian coffee. Aromatic lemongrass notes dominate with a very smooth finish. A most enjoyable cup! The best single origin beans I have had in a long time.