Ethiopia Kennisa Coop

Our roasts highlight flavors of white honey, apricot, dried peach, and an aromatic citrus note that brought to mind orange Tic Tac's. Tangy citrus acidity, and juicy mouthfeel. Good for espresso.

Region: Goma
Variety: Heirloom Cultivars
Altitude: ~2100+ masl
Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
Certification: Farm Gate

The Kennisa cooperative is a newer coffee washing station in Goma region, Western Ethiopia. The Kebele, or "town", name is Oma Fentule, and sits at 2,100 meters above sea level. "Kennisa" is the Oromifa word for "bee", and in the case of the cooperative and all of its members, is a sign of hardworking all around. Kennisa currently has 305 members and recently joined the Kata Muduga farmer's cooperative union, which includes more notable coops like Duromina, Nano Challa, and Yukiro. When we visited the site back in early 2020, their processing machinery (a Penagos 2500) looked brand new, and they were using very nice looking water lagoons for cleaning up the water used for post-harvest processing. You can see the towering, narrow stacks of bamboo in the photo. Those are disassembled drying beds. They do this so they're exposed to as little weather as possible. This is the first year we've purchased Kennisa, and we were loved the way this specific 60 bag lot tasted next to some of the other Kata Muduga coops mentioned earlier. The cup profile of white honey and stone fruit accents are familiar flavors from Ethiopia's Western regions, and occupy a unique place within the context of our other Ethiopian coffees.

    Description from Coffee Shrub.

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