Ethiopia Organic Tencho Cooperative

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Tencho dry ground coffee has lightly caramelized sugar, and slight floral citrus reminiscent of the sweetness of satsuma mandarins. Adding hot water the aromatic profile has a beautiful floral aspect of honeysuckle in light roasts, with mild Meyer lemon-like scent as well. The cup is delicious. Ripe fruit, with distinct citrus accent, sweet lemon, creamed honey, a dusting of bittersweet chocolate powder, refined roast taste, lightest roast has floral citrus, slight jasmine, likely amazing espresso, not screaming high acidity, makes it appealing.

Of all the cooperatives in Ethiopia, Tencho stands out: It's neat, not as in, "gee, that's neat" ... but it's clear when you walk through the entrance gates that everything at Tencho is done with a little more care, and a little more organization than other coops. You might not think "neatness counts" in coffee, but it really does. When the daily process batches are clearly marked and separated in a clean warehouse, it matters. When the process machinery is is well-maintained, the fermentation tanks for wet-processing are in good repair, and the water source is pure, it matters. When the drying beds for coffee are in great condition, the material stretched taut so the coffee doesn't bulk up in thick spots that don't dry, it matters. Everything at Tencho hinted at orderliness and a quality thatwould be good, even if the site is a couple hundered meters lower than some others in the area. And the arrival of Tencho this year is beautiful.

Delicious, ripe fruit, citrus accents, creamed honey and a dusting of bittersweet cocoa.

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