Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Gedeb Asasa

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Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Gedeb Asasa
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Gedeb District is located in the the southern part of the Yirga Cheffe zone, and is also the name of the site where the coffee is collected and dried on elevated beds. This Gedeb site has roughly 700 local farmers who bring their coffee here for drying and hand-sorting. The farms are little more than large 'gardens' adjacent to homes, growing heirloom varietals native to the region. Farmers deliver their coffee as whole cherry to the station where it is graded, and then laid out on drying beds. The preparation of this coffee is Grade 1, which for dry-processed lots means a lot of hand-sorting, removing over and under-ripe coffee cherry. The coffee is again sorted after dry-milling in order to identify any additional defects that were missed at the drying beds. Naturals are milled before being transported to Addis, where, again, the coffee is sorted to improve the appearance and cup quality. Competition in the region for cherry is quite strong so farmers are paid well, especially for ripe cherry selection. This year's price to farmers was increased from last years rates because of competition among washing stations, a win for the growers.

Complex sugars, cacao bar. Intoxicating fruit and floral aromatics. Fruit flavors of lemon-lime, red berry, mango, and more. Intense espresso.

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