Honduras El Cedral Allan Erazo

Developed sweetness in the middle roasts, brown sugar, turbinado, lemonade sweetened with panela, a rounded mouthfeel, and bittersweet chocolate caramels. Good for espresso.

Region: Santa Barbara, El Cedral
Variety: Catuaí
Altitude: 1500 masl
Processing: Wet Process (Washed)
Certification: None

Allan Erazo's farm "La Quebrada" (Spanish for a small creek or river) is located in the village of El Cedral, within the Western Honduras Department of Santa Barbara, which shares a border with Guatemala. His farm is just shy of 1 hectare, sits at 1500 meters above sea level, and is planted mostly in Catuaí, which this lot is comprised of. Next year, Allan plans on expanding his plantings of Pacas, a type of Bourbon, in order to try and improve the cup and value. We don't think this coffee needs improving, but we look forward to tasting it again when those plantings produce their first yield in a couple of years! Allan inherited this piece of land back in 2010 and returned home from the United States to focus on farming coffee. He linked up with Beneficio San Vicente through a relative and has been focused on making improvements to his farm ever since. Allan ferments his coffee for around 24 hours without water, after which, he rinses four times in clean water to remove the remaining fruit. The coffee then moves to indoor, "solar" drying rooms where it is turned for 2+ weeks until fully dried.

    Description from La Bodega.

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