Java Malabar Gunung Haruman

Java Malabar Gunung Haruman

This coffee is from a small group in Ciwidey, who are located around the mountain peak ("gunung") of Haruman in the Malabar mountain range. It is the result of working with the local farmers in the oldest coffee-growing region in Java, and wet-processing the coffee in little batches to high standards. Java Sunda (West Java) was the original coffee area, but you would find few trees here of late. Most Java coffee is grown in the East, where the big estates are. But farmers in Java Sunda always kept small coffee plots, although they mainly grown rice, onions, cabbage, carrots and other food crops for local markets in Bandung and Jakarta. Here amongst the Ateng and Jember coffees are some old Typica trees, the original Typica, which is quite amazing. (Java was the first destination for coffee from Yemen, with a stopover in India).

Orange, tangerine, burned sugar, cacao, roasted barley, black tea and stone fruit. Tartaric acidity with clean expressions of sweetness.

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Kathy M.
We like this roast as well, but have found the flavor from...

We like this roast as well, but have found the flavor from the Kenyan to be our favorite so far. This seemed to be more of a 'mild' flavor, but am sure we'll order again when wanting a lighter flavor during the summer months.

N. Gies
Bottom line up front, this is an excellent coffee. ...

Bottom line up front, this is an excellent coffee. It has a splendid nutty aroma that fills the room, and continues even as the coffee cools. This coffee has a fairly low acidity, and the tasting notes above are spot-on. As it is not a particularly naturally sweet tasting coffee, it would probably make for a great paring with a sweeter desert, but would also go nicely with savory or umami breakfast foods. My favorite thing about this coffee is the pronounced --but not overpowering-- undertone of the black tea flavor. I got this as part of a "Fearless Flight" which is a great way to experience new coffees. I couldn't pick just one or two 12oz. bags... so I let the experts at Coffee By Gillespie pick for me and I got a great variety of four coffees (including one that I had tried previously, a favorite of mine).