Kenya Kirinyaga Mwirua Peaberry

It's hard to miss the big berry character in Mwirua, blackberry, blueberry, juicy fruits, mulled grape juice and a clove finishing note. Delicious. 

Region: Kirinyaga
Farm: Mwirua FCS
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11
Altitude: ~1850 masl
Processing: Wet Process Kenya Type

Mwirua is a Farmer Cooperative Society ("FCS") in Kirinyaga that has 9 wet mills (called "Factories" in Kenya) under its umbrella. This particular lot is a blend of peaberry outturns from the various washing stations. The sites stretch from near Karatina town in Nyeri all the way up to Kerugoya, Kirinyaga. Most of the coffees grown by cooperative members are SL-28, SL-34 and Ruiri 11, and altitude on averages around 1850 meters above sea level. This is the peaberry outturn, a separation of the little beans that are the result of one embryo dying off in the coffee cherry, the one surviving takes on the roundish shape of the cherry. They're almost perfectly round actually, quite dense, and thought to be slightly wilder than their flat bean counterparts. I'm not sure if the last part is true, but Mwirua Peaberry certainly produces a fruit-forward cup at a wide range of roasts.

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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