Kenya Nyeri Karuthi AA

This coffee is from the Karuthi Factory, a washing station more or less. Karuthi is one of 19 washing stations that make up the Othaya Farmer's Coopertive Society, a coop-run organization. There are roughly 400 members of Karuthi, with coffee being grown as high as 2300 meters above sea level. The mill itself is located near the Chinga river in the Abedare mountains, not far from the Chinga mill (another mill we bought outstanding coffees from this year). Othaya started in the mid-1950s, ballooning from 250 original members to 15,000 strong today. Altitude of the washing station is just shy of 1900 meters, and you mostly see SL-28 and SL-34, along with a little Ruiru mixed in. We keep returning to the societies who regularly produce some of the best Kenya coffees we see, and each year we come across coffees new to us - like Karuthi - and this list continues to grow.

Imported by Coffee Shrub.

Juicy, like fresh squeezed mandarin orange, and with flavors of orange glaze, and sweetened cranberry sauce.

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