Kenya Othaya Cooperative Peaberry

Brews up a nice, fruited cup, spiced elements sensed in aroma and flavor, with dark, unrefined sugar sweetness, citrus peel, raisin, dark grape, dried tamarind, and pomegranate. Good for espresso.

Region: Nyeri
Farm: Othaya Farmer's Cooperative Society
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru-11
Altitude: ~1700-2000 masl
Processing: Raised Bed Sun-Dried

Othaya Farmer's Cooperative Society ("FCS") is comprised of 18 wet mills, and dates back to the late 1950s. We've carried coffee separations from several Othaya factories over the past couple years, including Kamoini, Chinga, Gatugi, Ichamama, and more. These factories range from around 1700 meters to 2000, and members grow a mix of SL-28, SL-34, and Ruiru-11. This is a blend of Peaberry screen separations from each of their factories. The peaberry is a coffee plant mutation of sorts, resulting when one of two embryos fails to germinate inside the coffee cherry. Most coffee cherries produce two coffee beans, that as they mature next to each other, develop a flat surface where they've faced the other bean. But peaberries mature all on their own so they don't develop a flat side, and are round as their name suggest (in Latin America they call them "caracol", or snail). Peaberries only make up about around 5% of the total harvest, which is why our single station lots are usually less than 10 bags. Blending peaberries from multiple wet mills, however, allows us to put together a much larger lot of coffee.

    Description from Cafe Imports.

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