Mexico Chiapas Jaltenango Organic SWP Decaf

Mexico Chiapas Jaltenango Organic SWP Decaf

The dry grounds have a nice raw sugar sweetness with baking spice hints. The wet grounds show clarity, a bit of malt sugar and raisin, echoed on the break. The cup is balanced, and up front shows really nice acidity. The sweetness is like simple syrup, refined and providing a nice base flavor. As the cup cools the acidity is near tannic, like black tea, a flavor that is also produced in the finish.

This custom decaf is from a producer group in Jaltenango micro region of Chiapas. It's basically a corporate entity of sorts, collectively owned by farmers nearly 3000 families in total. They work in several highland growing regions - mostly inhabited by indigenous Mayans - and this Jaltenango coffee is from a group of around 300 small-holders. We selected this coffee for decaffeination based off the sweet yet mild cup quality of the non-decaf version. This was processed by the folks at Swiss Water in Vancouver, Canada. Water is used to swell the green coffee, making it porous, and then to flush 99.9% of the caffeine, leaving behind much of the volatile compounds that affect flavor and aroma. A wonderful non-chemical based decaf system that creates a non-caffeinated version closely resembling the original coffee.

Raw sugar, Bright, Black tea

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