Papua New Guinea Keto Tapasi (Fair Trade Organic)

PNG is an extremely diverse country, with over 800 different languages spoken. Most of the tribes from the highlands had contact with the western world until the 1930s, as exploration in PNG had been minimal. PNG is now a paradox between western influence and indigenous traditions.

Commercial coffee production started in Papua New Guinea in the 1920s, with seeds brought from Jamaica’s Blue Mountain, a Typica known as Jamaica Blue Mountain. At that time most of the coffee production came from 18 large plantations. Plantations still exist in PNG, it only account for 15% of the total production; most of the production now comes from smallholders who tend to their coffee gardens, as they call them locally. These smallholders are subsistence farmers (meaning they live of their land), and they also grow coffee—there are no coffee farmers per se. Each garden might have anywhere from a couple to a couple hundred trees of coffee and parchment deliveries can range from 25–65 kg.

Keto Tapasi comes from smallholders between 1600—1800 masl from the Chuave District on the border of the eastern Highlands and the Chimbu Province. Coffee is processed by smallholders using hand-depulpers and small homemade fermentation setups, sun-dried, and then transported to Goroka for dry-milling.

PNG is another one of those countries which has great of potential but it is still far away from hitting its peak. It has heirloom varieties and great altitude, but its social and economic problems makes it extremely hard to achieve top-quality coffee. We are happy, nonetheless, with the quality we are seeing this year and cleanliness in the cup is one of the biggest attributes for these.

Description from Cafe Imports.

Hints of toffee, cocoa, cherry cola and cane juice.

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I/we received your coffee as a gift at Christmas along with...

I/we received your coffee as a gift at Christmas along with 3 other bags (Epiphany, Brazil, and Costa Rica ). I marked this one 'Very Good'. Perhaps it should get the 5 star, but I'm not sure yet.