Peru Pueblo del Sauce

El Sauce is a juicy cup, pistachio and chocolate notes fade to cooked apple, with an underlying raw sugar flavor. Bittersweet chocolate and contrasting dark fruit accents when roasted for espresso upon request.

Region: San Ignacio District, Cajamarca
Farm: Pueblo del Sauce
Variety: Caturra, Typica
Altitude: 1300+ masl
Processing: Washed

The village of El Sauce is located in San Ignacio District, Cajamarca, a region known for producing specialty grade coffee. The group in El Sauce are one of several who together have formed a coffee farmer's alliance, "Finca Santuario". The goal of this association is to aggregate resources in order to not only gain the small farmer transparent access to the global market, but also work as a collective to increase their coffee's value by planting cultivars with cup quality in mind, and improve harvest techniques as well as processing and drying conditions. This is a fully washed coffee, meaning that after most of the fruit is mechanically removed from the seed, the remaining sticky layer of mucilage is broken down by overnight fermentation and then washed away the next day. Most of the farmers wet-process and dry their coffee at home, and then deliver their dry parchment to the local association arm in town where it is stored until export. This is one of four lots of coffee we bought from Finca Santuario this year, most of which we're finding to be versatile in the roaster, as well as working well in many brew methods (this one is a fantastic espresso!).

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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