Rwanda Dry Process Rusizi Nyakarenzo

Brisk tea-like acidity that structures complex top notes of naturally dried stonefruit,, fig/prune, tamarind, and a sweet undercurrent that's like brown rice syrup and honey wheat.

Region: Rusizi District
Farm: Nyakarenzo Processing Site
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1730+ masl
Processing: Dry process (Natural)

Nyakarenzo is a coffee processing site in the Rusizi District, not far from some of the other coffee stations we buy coffee from in the southwestern part of the country. The processing site is much lower than the farms they buy from, which is a much friendlier trek for those selling coffee - downhill rather than up! Nyakarenzo sits at 1730 meters above sea level and they process both fully washed and naturals. They have a nice flat area at the station that seems to get ample sun for dry process coffee and works quite well for setting up and tending to the drying tables. This is also supposedly the first area coffee was planted in Rwanda, a local King buying seeds from missionaries. Unlike washed coffees where the cherry is removed and defects much easier to spot early, dry process coffees are in full cherry during the entire drying phase (roughly 3 weeks) which makes hand sorting during this time a little trickier.

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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