Rwanda Nyamasheke Macuba

Macuba shows a subtle spiced aroma, with flavors of torched sugar, vanilla caramel, dark toffee, molasses, and a hint of spiced rum.

Region: Nyamasheke, Western Province
Farm: Macuba
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: ~1700+ masl
Processing: Wet Process (Washed)

Macuba coffee washing station is located in Rwanda's Nyamasheke district. The stations itself sits at an altitude of 1685 meters above sea level, though farms reach up much higher toward 2100 meters. More than 400 farmers are registered with the Macuba site, which acts as a central delivery location for farmers to sell coffee cherry, but also to receive agronomical and business support. Farmers are also incentivized through cash bonuses at the end of the harvest, and interest-free bank accounts that allow them to store money safely, as well as establish credit for future investment. All coffee cherry undergoes initial sorting at the gate, handpicking out any under and overripe coffee cherries, and then soaking the coffee in tanks of clean water in order to skim away any "floaters" (overripe coffee) that were missed. The coffee is depulped, fermented for up to 24 hours in water to break down the fruit mucilage, channel graded and rinsed, and then moved to raised drying beds. "Channel grading" is the process of moving the coffee from the fermentation tanks down a series of narrow cement channels that they fill with water, the densest coffee settling on the bottom, while the lighter, lower grades float and continue on down to the end. Amazingly, they are able to separate 5 different grades using this method, A1 being the highest grade and densest beans, which is what this coffee is. 

    Description from Coffee Shrub.

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