Sumatra Gunung Tujuh Cooperative

A fruit-forward honey process Sumatra with syrupy sweetness, dried fruit and cherry pulp, prune and date, herbal Thai basil impression, and a sweet bell pepper note in the finish.

Region: Gunung Tujuh & Kayu Aro
Farm: Tujuh Cooperative
Variety: Typica, Modern Hybrids
Altitude: 1400-1500 masl
Processing: Honey-process

We are happy to offer a fantastic Sumatra “Honey-Process” Mandheling which will turn on its head the perception of coffees from this vaunted region of Indonesia. Sumatra's most special coffees generally come from the northernmost area of the island, in this case, the Aceh Tengah sector of the Gayo region. Typica and Caturra varietals growing at an average of 1300+ meters are triple-picked. The milling of this coffee is from CV Yudi Putra, an enterprise which is proactively enhancing the status of Sumatran coffees thru its advanced processing methods to meet the worldwide demand for an exceptional product. Below the text from importer Royal Coffee's page..

"This coffee is processed in a unique style, which we doubt is found anywhere else in the world. It begins with ripe cherries from the Bener Meriah District being run through hand-cranked de-pulpers to remove the skins. This is followed by a “dry” fermentation overnight. No water is added at any stage. On the second day, the parchment, still covered in sticky mucilage, is laid out on the drying patios. The coffee is dried to below 30% moisture content and then wet-hulled in the traditional Sumatra style, after which it returns to the patios for final drying of the green beans. So, in effect, this is a Dry- Fermented/Pulped-Natural/Wet-Hulled coffee. Definitely an advanced level of coffee processing which yields quite a unique final product."
Recovery from the tragic 2004 tsunami has been a long process…the Aceh outlands were particularly devastated and too many lives lost. We hope that the purchase of coffees from the region is part of the comeback trail. Body galore in the cup, notes of honeydew melon, baker's chocolate and strawberry, sweet &clean finish!

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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