Tanzania Mbeya Highlands Peaberry

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This is a blend of peaberries from a group of coffee washing stations, or "CPU" (coffee processing unit) located in the highlands of Mbeya in western Tanzania. Isende, Iyula, Masangula and others, these are the names of Farmer Business Groups (FBG), essentially cooperative efforts by smallholder coffee farmers to pool resources, processing and marketing of their crop. In a place like Tanzania, where small holders may only produce a few bags of coffee, FBG's give farmer members the opportunity to combine lots together, which in this case, affords them the resource of processing coffees on big machinery rather than by hand - a tedious task that would be necessary for processing small amounts of coffee. The stations sit at around 1750 meters above sea level and coffee is grown up to 2000 meters.

Pronounced sweetness, honey and fruit notes, with citrus and tea accents at the outer edges. Dark chocolate liqueur and licorice hints.

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