One Easy Thing You Can Do to Massively Improve Your Morning Coffee

Contrary to popular belief, the brewing apparatus isn’t the most important tool—it’s the grinder, usually the weakest link in the coffee chain and the one most deserving of the biggest chunk of your budget. Grinding the beans right before you use them is the easiest thing you can do to improve the quality of your morning quaff, no matter the brewing method or type of coffee you prefer. According to the National Coffee Association—not to mention anyone who’s ever tried it—this will make coffee taste much fresher than pre-ground, or even beans that you grind the night before. (Buying freshly...

Beautiful Roasting Video: "ROASTED 2"

Filmed at the Kirsch und Mausser facility employing multiple prosumer- and professional-level cameras, including two GoPro 4 cameras, the video follows up 2014's Roasted. Like any good sequel, this video expands upon all the best aspects of the original, following green coffee through its descent into the roasting cylinder through its suction into a destoner, capturing many elements inaccessible to the human eye, such as the Probat UG22 burner firing up, trier and cooling tray shots and coffee bouncing around inside the drum. [embed][/embed]

Calibrating the Palate

Coffee roasting requires the same skill set as the rest of the culinary arts. Essential preparation is the development of the palate of both the roaster and the customer. The roaster balances in constant tension what the trendy say is tasty, the roaster's own tastes, and the largely acquired tastes of the customer. For example, we purchased a pound of Sumatra Mandailing from a small roaster out-of-town. We observed and dialogued with the roaster. Most importantly we tasted the roast in a variety of applications and brewing methods. This process helps recalibrate the palate of the roaster and recognizes that...

The Language of Coffee - A Day In The Life Of Coffee Producer, Anny Pimentel - Perfect Daily Grind

Source: The Language of Coffee - A Day In The Life Of Coffee Producer, Anny Pimentel - Perfect Daily Grind Coffee is all about relationships. It’s a language that lets you connect with people all over the world. It’s about getting to know who buys, roasts, brews and drinks my coffee.

Trendy Ways to Get Your Coffee Fix

Here are a few trendy ways to get your coffee fix and what to know about each of them including: Pour over, Cold brew, and single-origin. Pour over The first time I saw this method I thought, hmmm, so this is just a low-tech way of making a brew? (e.g. no machine plugged into an outlet). But nope, there’s more to it than that. In a nutshell pour over involves placing freshly ground beans into a rinsed filter, within a filter holder or cone, which is placed over a vessel. Connoisseurs say that wetting the grounds, then continuously pouring water (heated to...

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