Coffee Treks: Ethiopia

Coffee Treks: Ethiopia

Traveling can be about more than just getting away. Traveling can be about experiencing new sights, cultures, traditions, sounds, tastes, and food. Whether it is a trek around the world or visiting a neighboring region to home, traveling engages all senses.  What if you could travel anytime? What if you could experience new cultures, traditions, food, and taste from the comfort of your home?   An ordinary cup of coffee in the morning is more than what it appears. Your usual cup of joe is more than just that. It's a boarding pass to another region, tradition, and culture.  Take a...

How to brew a Pour-over (Hario V60 02) - Quarantine Qoffee Question #8

Making a pour-over cup of coffee isn’t as hard as you think! 4m and you’re good to go! #coffee #coffeebrewing #coffeeroaster #fearlesslyroasted

Why Are Coffee Recipes by Weight and not by Volume? - Quarantine Qoffee Question #7

If you want a consistent and flavorful cup of coffee, regardless of the origin and roast level, use weight-based recipes. Our preference is a ratio between 16:1 and 18:1 water to coffee BY WEIGHT. #coffee #coffeerecipes #coffeebrewing

Single-origin vs. Blends Explained - Quarantine Qoffee Question #6

Blends are consistent but try our Single Origin coffees for a dramatic, interesting flavor experience!

Packaging Features - Quarantine Qoffee Question #5

In this vintage video, we explain the features of our packaging that maximizes freshness and convenience for you