About Coffee by Gillespie

Great coffee motivates and inspires. Many favorite memories are often shared over a cup. That's why we take our coffee seriously. Select the best raw coffee. Roast it artfully. Brew it for best flavor. Coffee by Gillespie, the pride and passion of Christopher Gillespie, was founded to share his own experience in delicious coffee with you.
It all started when a new coffee roaster opened up in Christopher's hometown during high school. His coffee journey began with the memory of the smoke billowing out onto Main Street every Tuesday haunting him. Fast-forward 15 years and he tackled home roasting by hacking and burning through air poppers. Even though it was often frustrating and unreliable, he gained the tuned senses for a perfect roast.
Christopher purchased his first serious roaster, the Behmor 1600+, and his journey continued. He discovered the amazing range of flavors and aromas with  beans sourced from Sweet Maria's curated sample packs. Every bean is different and Christopher developed roast profiles to best reveal the best of each coffee. After sharing his coffee with family and friends, they encouraged him to produce coffee commercially. And Coffee by Gillespie was born.
We strive to source the highest quality specialty coffee. The farmers are rewarded for the quality, dedication, and sustainable farming practice. As a specialty coffee roaster, we pay above fair trade prices for the ingredients we source. We strive to create sustainability by supporting a farm's ability to invest in future crops as well as improve conditions for workers and their families. Nearly all our coffee is direct trade, single origin, and often small lot coffee. Regardless of its certification, the coffee we select allows to bring a genuinely unique experience to each cup we share.
We have dedicated ourselves to perfecting roast profiles that maximize the natural essence in every bean. There is nothing automated or factory-like about what we do. We use a fluid bed, computer-controlled roaster for consistency and quality. It is and will always be a craftsman's venture.
We roast on-demand, shipping within two business days of your order. Your coffee is shipped USPS and arrives on your doorstep at the beginning of its peak flavor. Simply measure, grind, and brew with your favorite device. Sip, savor, and enjoy great coffee! While we don't have a café, we'd love to be served in your shop, business, church, or school. Contact us for more information.
When Christopher isn't roasting coffee, he stays busy as a father, a full-time pastor, and a media production freelancer.