Can't decide which coffee is for you?

Choose our coffee blends for everyday coffee, single origin limited coffee for unique and exciting brews, subscriptions for your coffee fix delivered every week or month. Still can't decide? Get our one-pound sampler pack and try a few. 

  • Our experience, attention to detail, and use of traditional roasting techniques coupled with modern technology, allow us to roast exceptional coffee for you. Our coffee doesn't sit on store shelves but is shipped direct. Order online for yourself and taste the difference!

  • We focus on sourcing coffee beans with high potential and bring out their best flavor qualities through the roasting process. We insist upon beans grown with ecological, sustainable farming. We happily reward the growers who are attentive to their growing, sorting, and processing with higher than fair trade rates.

  • Coffee trees are very sophisticated plants. During the growing process, countless variables affect their flavor profile. Special attention must be given to the processing of the coffee cherry that produces the raw bean. Some beans are less than stellar, while others have the potential to be exceptional. Only the best make the grade.

What about defects, insects, and mold?

We only purchase the highest-grade coffee. Our importers bring coffees that are processed in a very controlled way. They undergo multiple layers of quality inspections (visual, mechanical, moisture, water activity, cupping, etc.). We receive our coffees in GrainPro bags which prevent the growth of mold and insects. Because of this, we have minimal defects, no insects, or any mold in our coffees.