Fearless Flight - 4 x 4 oz. Sample Pack

Not sure you're sold on the benefit of micro-roasting? Not sure you could taste the difference? Consider this flight of whole bean coffees! Each sampler contains 4 bags of 4 oz. of whole-bean or ground freshly roasted coffee, roasted with the same on-demand process as our 12oz. and 1kg. batches. Each sample bag will make ~10 cups of coffee. So, drip a whole pot. Plunge in the Aeropress. Draw shots through the Espresso machine. Steep in the French Press. The choice is yours!

Your order is filled based on what is in season and in stock. You will receive beans from Central or South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and anywhere else quality coffee is grown.

Not sure of the benefits of fresh-roasted single-origin coffee? Are you curious if your palate can distinguish between the flavors and your nose between the aromas? Consider this flight of four different coffees! We'll send to you 4 bags of 4 oz. fresh-roasted whole-bean coffee. Each will be a different selection from our current coffees. And don't forget, these samplers make great gifts for the coffee fanatic you love!

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