Fearlessly Roasted Coffee by a Lutheran Pastor

Coffee by Gillespie is owned and operated by Rev. Christopher Gillespie, a Lutheran pastor of the LCMS.

We roast coffee on-demand, shipped fresh to you. Our "farm gate" coffee is sourced from single estates and coops and our blends through fair trade/organic lots.  If haven’t tasted a micro-roast yet, the proof will be in your cup. Every batch is unique, often seasonal, and always fearlessly roasted for you.
Pr. Gillespie serves St. John Ev. Lutheran Church and School (Sherman Center) in Random Lake, Wisconsin. He has been blessed with the gift of a beautiful wife and ten children. Coffee by Gillespie is his response to the challenges of pastoring a small church, providing for a large family, and caring for the ongoing medical needs for his children with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Plus, he loves to roast coffee!