7 Things You Should Know about Arabica Coffee

7 Things You Should Know about Arabica Coffee

1. There are two basic species of coffee, Arabica and Canephora. Of these two, the Arabica species produces varieties such as Typica, Bourbon, and Ethiopian heirloom variety. Typica is the original coffee plant which is believed to have originated and discovered in Ethiopia. Bourbon has its origins with the Typica variety and is a tad sweeter. The Canephora species produces Robusta beans. Robusta is sometimes mixed with Arabica and used for espresso because of its high caffeine levels. (Robusta has almost double the caffeine as Arabica!)

2. How much coffee can you pick in a day? Most Arabica coffee is picked by hand and according to The Home Barista, it is possible for the average person to collect up to ninety pounds of coffee in one day. “It’s said that these experts work so smoothly and consistently, that the coffee beans falling into their buckets sound like rain.” That’s a lot of coffee raining down.

3. According to Lani Kingston in the book How to Make Coffee; the Science Behind the Bean, coffee is grown in over seventy countries and is second only to oil in natural traded commodities. Among the coffee plants, Coffea Arabica is the most common species of coffee and is considered to be the best of the coffee plants. Well over half of the world’s coffee is produced by the arabica plant.

4. The view is great from up here! Coffee Arabica thrives in higher altitudes. These high altitudes create an environment with cooler temperatures which allow the flavors to cultivate as the plant slows down and matures at a slower pace.

5. Coffee Arabica was the first official botanical description of a coffee tree given in 1713. This plant was named such by a French botanist by the name of Antoine de Jussieu. 

6. Arabica coffee beans come out on top with the levels of antioxidants. If you need to start out your day on a healthy note, grab that cup of Arabica coffee and get your daily dose of antioxidants!

7. Location, location, location! Ethiopia is known as the home of the coffee plant. Some of the oldest known coffee plants can be found in this area of the world. (Order some amazing Ethiopian coffee this month from Coffee by Gillespie!) It was in Yemen, however, that the coffee plant became popular and began its journey around the world and into your cup.

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