Coffee Treks: Ethiopia

Coffee Treks: Ethiopia

Traveling can be about more than just getting away. Traveling can be about experiencing new sights, cultures, traditions, sounds, tastes, and food. Whether it is a trek around the world or visiting a neighboring region to home, traveling engages all senses. 

What if you could travel anytime? What if you could experience new cultures, traditions, food, and taste from the comfort of your home? 

 An ordinary cup of coffee in the morning is more than what it appears. Your usual cup of joe is more than just that. It's a boarding pass to another region, tradition, and culture. 

Take a look at your bag of coffee. Single-origin coffee is just that, the coffee originates from a single place and farm. The origin listed on your bag of coffee beans will not only give you a quick glimpse at what country, region, and farm your beans came from, it will also hint at what you can expect from a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

Just like when you travel to the east and west coast, you can expect certain fresh foods, such as fresh seafood, you can expect a similar hint with knowing a little bit about coffee regions, their history, and the science behind the coffee plant, or Coffea.

Each cup of coffee holds a story behind the brew. The best place to start the journey is at the beginning, at the coffee bean's birthplace. Coffee is a relatively recent beverage. In the 15th century, coffee was beginning to be brewed, enjoyed, and traded among the locals near Yemen and Ethiopia. It wasn't until the 17th century that coffee made it's journey to Europe. Coffee houses began to open and quickly became popular not only to enjoy the newest hot beverage; they became gathering places for good music and conversation. 

Ethiopia remains one of the largest exporters in the world of coffee beans today. Ethiopia is home to some of the oldest heirloom varieties of coffee trees. Ethiopian coffee is often described as bright and has distinct fresh floral and fruity notes. 

A fresh and well-roasted bag of beans is vital to experiencing the unique aroma of Ethiopian coffee. A bag of Ethiopian coffee from Coffee by Gillespie is perfectly roasted on demand when you order to lock in all the flavors and aromas Ethiopian coffee has to offer. 

When you next enjoy a cup of coffee, savor the aromas and flavor notes every single-origin and variety of beans have to offer. Visit the birthplace of the bean through the bright and fresh scents and floral-fruity notes of your cup of coffee. 

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