One Easy Way to Hack Your Workplace Coffee

One Easy Way to Hack Your Workplace Coffee

In just about every place I’ve worked, there has been free coffee supplied to employees. Despite free coffee, many of the employees would still bring their own to work. The coffee at work was usually just not as satisfying as it could have been. Many times employees will drink the coffee at work just for the convenience, caffeine benefit, and because it’s free.

Although many people drink coffee for the benefits caffeine brings, coffee has more benefits than just caffeine. According to an article on Huffington Post, “By keeping your brain safe from stress-inducing hormones by releasing kahweol and cafestol—anti-inflammatory agents found in the oil in coffee, drinking coffee regularly will protect your brain and strengthen it.”

An additional benefit of coffee is the social aspect and environment it creates. In providing good coffee, an employer is also creating a better environment for social benefits and productivity for their employees. In an article on Forbes, Dr. Tracy Bower stated, “Workplace vitality is at the intersection of engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity, and we believe the drinks experiences intersects with it.” Combined with the benefits of the coffee itself, such as the caffeine and anti-inflammatory agents, coffee has a positive impact on social engagement in the office.

People notice details. I brought a Kenya roast from Coffee by Gillespie to work on a day when I knew our office would be working overtime. I made a pour-over using my Bodum Pour-Over maker with Chemex paper filters for my co-workers. It made an immediate difference in the ambiance of the work environment. Everyone wanted a cup. The coffee was more flavorful and the office housed a more fragrant and sweeter coffee aroma, rather than a dull but dense coffee scent. It was a simple, small detail that co-workers noticed and made a difference.

A better work environment and a boost in productivity can start with better coffee.  Bring a little cheer to your workplace.  Encourage your employer to get a wholesale coffee account and make everyone happy.  Providing good coffee and paying attention to details is a simple and small way for an employer to make a positive difference in the environment of their workplace.

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