Your Summer Guide to Coffee

Your Summer Guide to Coffee

Learn how to make iced coffee. 

Iced coffee is a summer staple. Currently, I am using a cold-brew method to make my iced coffee. However, there are various methods to making iced coffee. If you typically make coffee using an AeroPress, Chemex, or Pour-Over method, you can easily switch it up during the summer months for iced coffee. The Perfect Daily Grind has some great video tutorials I’ve found helpful in making iced coffee using these various brewing methods. My favorite coffee right now that I'm using for iced coffee is Ethiopia Agaro Jimma

Your plants love coffee almost as much as you. 

Feed your plants coffee grounds this summer, they’ll thank you for it. Your leftover coffee grounds add nutrients to the soil such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and copper. The grounds can be added to compost or can be spread around your garden as fertilizer. Recycling your coffee grounds in this way not only gives your plants a boost of nutrition, it can also keep unwanted guests such as slugs, snails, and fire ants away from your garden according to an article by HGTV

Bring coffee to your summer bbq. 

Coffee is much more than just your morning jump start. Your morning grind can also be a tasty addition to your summer cookout. One of the recipes I’ll be trying out this summer is a coffee bbq sauce

I have made a recipe for these cold brew popsicles. When I made the popsicles, I substituted the half and half for coconut milk, did not add as much sugar as the recipe required, and cut the chocolate chips. The coconut milk was a good substitute but I will be adding chocolate chips and a tad more sugar for the next batch as the recipe suggests. 

Cool down with a healthy coffee drink. 

Summer tends to be a busy season. I’m always looking for ways to eat healthier while on the go. I also enjoy frozen drinks in the summer months and this cafe mocha protein shake is a great treat after a workout. If you’re heading out the door in the morning, a coffee protein shake is a quick and easy way to get your coffee and protein all in one to start your day off right.

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