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Brazil Carmo de Minas Beneficio Presente do Sol

Brazil Carmo de Minas Beneficio Presente do Sol

Cupping Notes:

Juicy, soft and sweet with toffee, lemon and pecan flavors.

Region: Heliodora, Mantequeira, Minas Gerais
Farm: Beneficio Presente do Sol
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1600 masl
Processing: Natural

Farm Description:

The Mantiqueira microregion is home to over 2,000 smallholder coffee farmers with a quality potential that urges to be explored. Our exporting partners at CarmoCoffees recognized this potential and decided to build two strategically placed mills (called "beneficios") with washing and processing capabilities, strategically selected for their accessibility to the region's coffee growers. Beneficio Pedra Branca is nestled in the Pedra Branca mountainside in Pedralva City, and the other, Beneficio Presente do Sol, is located in the city of Heliodora — both beneficios were farms managed by their former owners before joining CarmoCoffees.

Pedra Branca was the first of the beneficios, with CarmoCoffees partnership starting in 2012. Carmo bought the farm in 2013 making it part of their official structure. Following the same model, Present do Sol became part of CarmoCoffees in 2014.

The proximity of the beneficios enable the region's quality potential with accessibility to modern equipment for processing where there was otherwise a barrier to entry due to lack of knowledge, time, budget, infrastructure, and the price of labor involved with processing at a quality standard.

Beneficio Presente do Sol has nine mechanical dryers and covered patios. Beneficio Pedra Branca has eight mechanical dryers, covered patios, and three African drying beds. The production of both beneficios is at 50,000 bags annually.

This description is from Cafe Imports.

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