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Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista

Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista

Cupping Notes:

The culmination of roasted nut and cocoa bittering aspects, burned caramel, almond and pecan, hazelnut chocolate, chocolate dipped almond brittle, and a hint of apple butter. Good for espresso.

Region: Carmo de Minas
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: ~1950-2100 masl
Processing: Dry Process (Natural)
Certification: Farm Gate

Farm Description:

Alta Vista Farm lies in the foothills of Serra da Mantiqueira, in the Carmo de Minas municipality. This area is known for coffee cultivation, with relatively good altitude for Brazil, and favorable microclimates for both growing and drying coffee. Alta Vista is an 84-hectare farm that was started less than a decade ago, and took 7th position at the Brazil Cup of Excellence competition in 2007, just 3 years after being planted. This is an all Yellow Bourbon separation, a cultivar thought to have a higher sugar brick count than the red variety, and this coffee definitely has a persistent sweetness to show. This is a dry process coffee, meaning the whole cherry is left intact to the coffee seed (bean) during the drying phase. This tends to produce a bigger body, more muted acidity, and occasionally impart fruited flavors in the cup.

      Description from Coffee Shrub.

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