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Burundi Collines SWP Decaf

Burundi Collines SWP Decaf

Cupping Notes:

This decaf is all about chocolate bittersweets, with flavors of high % cacao bar, chocolate-malted grains, baking cocoa, chocolate muffin and more!

Region: Kayanza Province
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Wet and Dry Process, then SWP Decaf

Blend Description:

This decaf is a custom blend of coffees from four different processing sites on four separate hills. "Colline" is French for "hill" and a regional demarcation of Burundi's many hilltop villages. The wet mills set up near these villages buy whole coffee cherry from local farmers and process the coffee at the mill, often kept separate by the days of purchase. The coffee is subjected to some of the highest scrutinies we see in any coffee-producing region. First, the whole cherry is culled through by hand to remove any over and underripe cherry, or other obvious, physical defects that will be processed separately as a lower grade. Then it is passed through the wet mill, typically disc de-pulpers or a de-mucilager, that have yet another layer of grading. After fermentation, the coffee is sorted by density in grading channels. Finally, it is subjected to a whole lot of physical hand labor at the drying beds, sorting out any visible defects during the entire drying phase. The result shares some of the cleanest looking (and tasting!) physical green coffee we see! This decaf was processed at Swiss Water Decaffeination in Vancouver, BC. Their patented, chemical-free decaf process uses only water to remove 99.9% of caffeine while leaving behind much of the volatile compounds that affect flavor and aroma.

The description provided by Sweet Maria's.

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