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Burundi Kayanza Dusangirijambo Coop

Burundi Kayanza Dusangirijambo Coop

Cupping Notes:

A near perfect cup, dark currant, Lipton black tea, simple syrup, cocoa powder hints, and lemonade-like brightness.

Processing: Wet Process

Varietal: Bourbon

Farm Description:

Dusangirijambo Coop is perched on Mururui hill in Sogestal Kayanza, northern Burundi. The cooperative came into fruition about 6 years ago, serving farmer members in the Mururi area through buying and processing the local coffee. We came across there coffee 2 years ago, via a cooperative union in the region. The union helps the individual regional coops with everything from building coffee washing stations, providing agronomical support, preparing coffee for export at a central dry milling facility, and eventually linking the finished product to an international market. Dusangirijambo is outfitted with a de-pulping station where they receive daily deliveries from the surrounding small farmers. The coffees are de-pulped, fermented and soaked under water, then laid to dry on raised wire beds that help facilitate airflow and even-drying as a result. The station itself sits at 1650 meters above sea level, and the high part of the hill we drove in on peaked at 1880 meters.

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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