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Burundi Kayanza SWP Decaf

Burundi Kayanza SWP Decaf

Cupping Notes:

Burundi Kayanza SWP shows balanced bittersweetness, cheap dark chocolate, unsweetened baking cocoa, a dusting of cinnamon spice, subtle raisin and barley malt hits. Excels as espresso.

Additional Info

Cutivars Bourbon
Grade A1
Processing Method Wet Processed
Appearance .6 d/300gr, 15 - 17 Screen - some split beans from decaffeination
Region Muyinga Province

Farm Description:

The latest Burundi to be sent off for decaffeination comes from a private washing station in Kayanza province. We've bought this coffee three years in a row now, and this year purchased enough volume this year that we're able to peel off 40 bags for decaf. The station was built about five years ago, and is situated near a mountain-fed stream, which gains them great access to clean water for processing coffee. They've also installed a state of the art filtration system to handle the water post-processing, in order to put clean water back into the ecosystem. "Ruyaga" is the hillside village where the collection station is situated, and home to the farmers who grew this coffee. There's quite the upside to sending off your own coffee for decaffeination, having foreknowledge as to how a coffee tastes affords you a pretty good idea how it will turn out post processing. And this Burundi was a fine cup as non-decaf, and so no surprise that it returned from Swiss Water decaffeination plant being the best of the bunch.

Description from Sweet Maria's.

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