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Colombia Buesaco Don Nectario

Colombia Buesaco Don Nectario

Cupping Notes:

Don Nectario's coffee shows dried and fresh stone fruit notes, baking spice accents, dried mango, and pulpy orange juice highlights.

Region: Buesaco, Nariño
: Wet Process
Varietal: Caturra
Elevation: 1800-2000+ masl

Farm Description:

Don Nectario's farm lies on the outskirts of Buesaco town, the picturesque sliver of stone buildings resting along a mountain ridge that lines Nariño's Juanambú canyon. He is one of a few hundred members of a local association in town whose coffee stood out as being of exceptional quality. We've had the good fortune of buying coffee from this association the past two years, and with the help of our Colombian sourcing partner, have been working to identify coffees that meet a minimum quality target, and save them from being blended off with the rest. By doing this, we're able to get to know which farmers and farm areas are capable of meeting this quality minimum, and in turn compensate those producers with premiums for their best lots.

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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