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Colombia Inzá Antonia Oidor

Colombia Inzá Antonia Oidor

Cupping Notes:

Aromatic sweetness and hints of fruit at a range of roast levels. Notes of sugar cane juice, apple tea, golden plum, and bergamot. Bittersweet with darker development, and hints of juicy grape, and dark berries.

Region: San Antonio, Inzá, Cauca
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo
Altitude: ~1600-2000 masl
Processing: Wet Process (washed)
Certification: Farm Gate

Farm Description:

This lot is from a coffee producer named Antonia Oidor whose farms, Finca Buenos Aires and Espinal, are in Colombia's Southwestern region of Inzá. Her farms sit at roughly 1850 meters above sea level, and are planted in a mix of Bourbon, Caturra, disease-resistent hybrids. The province of Inzá is located in Southwestern Colombia within the greater Department of Cauca. As you make the drive from La Plata to Inzá, you follow the Rio Páez, and an eventual crossing over a suspension bridge lands you on the road to the the villages whose coffees make up the bulk of our Inzá buying. Like much of Colombia, Cauca is home to some very high altitude farms, many breaching the 2000 meter mark, the coffee from this lot harvested from an altitude range of about 1600 to 2000 meters. This is a wet-processed coffee, most farmers using old style hand-cranked pulpers, fermenting and washing in the same tank, and then drying out on raised, covered beds. We haven't visited Antonia's farms, but hope to have the opportunity on our trip later this year. 

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