Colombia Timana SWP Decaf

This custom decaf is a blend of current-crop, small-producer coffees from the Timana region of Huila. This blend from Timana resulted in a sweet cup, subtly spiced, and a fairly clean finish. The dry grounds smell of burned sugars, a touch of barley malt, and all-spice. Once you add hot water, sugary aspects build in the steam, along with contrasting note of rye bread. The cup has a refined sweetness at City+, a cross between white sugar and cane juice. It's a welcome sweetness level, especially for a decaf, and as it cools makes way to notes of spiced cider and a hint of sweet cocoa. The grain-like notes sensed in the aromatics are fall into the backdrop, most apparent in the finish.

A refined sweetness at City+ - white sugar to cane juice - spiced cider and a hint of sweet cocoa. Background notes of rye and barley malt, and clean finish. City+ to Full City+.

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