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Costa Rica Finca San Jose Yellow Honey

Costa Rica Finca San Jose Yellow Honey

Cupping Notes:

Rich, sweet, and heavy with sugary flavors, caramel, chocolate, and winey fruit acidity.

Region: Naranjo, West Valley
Farm: San José
Variety: Various
Altitude: 1200+ masl
Processing: Honey

Farm Description:

Jhonathan Comacho is a descendant from one of the first coffee growers in the West Valley, his grandfather Rafael Camacho Vega. His primary occupation is as a doctor, but a passion for coffee has stayed in his family and he continues to grow on a small farm near the micro mill Genesis, which is owned by Oscar Mendez and his wife, Olga. Since Jhonathan is busy with his medical practice, he has partnered with Genesis mill to take care of the processing and drying of his coffees during the harvest, but he still stays close by. He lives nearby to the Mendezes and will visit a few times a week to check on his coffees until they are ready for shipment.

    Description from Cafe Imports.

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