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Costa Rica Honey Process Familia Ureña

Costa Rica Honey Process Familia Ureña

Cupping Notes:

The silky body helps convey the depth of sweetness and chocolatey low tones in the darker roast—Burnt sugar, almond, raisin hint, high % cacao chocolate, dried coconut, and anise.

Region: Palmichal, Los Santos, Tarrazu
Variety: Caturra, Catuaí
Altitude: ~1500-1900+ masl
Processing: Honey Process
Certification: Farm Gate

Farm Description:

Paul Cascante Ureña manages his family farms in the town of Palmichal, Los Santos regions of Costa Rica. This small group of plots make up a total of 14 hectares of coffee, with a healthy dose of Caturra and Catuaí planted between them. He grows other cultivars too, but this lot is a mix of those two varietals. Paul delivers his coffee cherry to the Palmichal mill nearby where it is processed in the new micromill they have erected. This lot was honey processed, meaning the green coffee seed was dried with some percentage of fruit mucilage intact. It's dried for about a week on cement patios, and then finished in mechanical dryers. This honey process coffee has moderate acidity considering the process, incredible sweetness, and a viscous, creamy mouthfeel. Based on how the darker roast cupped, I'm certain Familia Ureña will yield a tasty espresso too, but haven't tried it myself just yet.

      Description from Coffee Shrub.

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