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Decaf "Donkey" Blend

Decaf "Donkey" Blend

Cupping Notes: 

This decaf blend targets chocolate roast flavors, sweet, bright accents, a medium body, and a slightly fruited side. Perfect on its own, and stands up to milk too! 

Region: Various
Variety: Various
Processing: Varies
Certification: SWP Decaf

Blend Description:

This blend is intended to be used in several ways. As an all-decaf espresso blend, I wanted it to work well under a wide variety of roasting conditions, in terms of both lighter Northern Italian type espresso roasts (the equivalent of a Full City to Vienna Roast) and the darker Southern Italian type roast (roasted to a French roast). I also wanted a good espresso from both air and drum roasters, and I wanted good crema. This is a lot to ask from a decaf, but I think this blend works very well. While origin tastes are muted in decafs, I think the bittersweet roast tastes from this blend are very good. My second focus was having the blend not have too much character so that it could be used as a base blend for a "low-caf" espresso. This means it should work well as 50-75% of your blend, where you add other caffeinated coffees to give more aromatics and flavor.

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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