Epiphany Blend

Epiphany Blend
Imagine yourself sitting at a café outside St. Peter's gate, sipping delightful coffee. That's Epiphany, a revelation of coffee. Epiphany is a striking combination of nutty, chocolaty aromas greet the expectant nose. Careful blending of coffees from Indonesia and Central America creates an exceptionally well balanced taste providing a bright, yet deep-toned acidity with a delicate sweetness. A heavenly coffee!
What our customers are saying:
  • "This is what folks think of when they think coffee!"
  • "Very pleasant and lingering aftertaste - a slight bite that makes you want to have another drink."
  • "A good bit of brightness, but still very drinkable. Gulpable almost."

 Tasting/Aroma Notes: Bright, yet deep-toned acidity with a delicate sweetness.

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